Monday, July 28, 2008

August 1: Planet-Date: 2008 and a realistic viewpoint

(Based on actual events.)

You should see my purple feathers. They're so pretty! They ripple and shine when I move, and I just love the color! The doctors don't like them, though. The feathers were just too much. They say they make me look to "alien."

But, here's the kicker. Since they can't heal me, they want to rebuild me ... out of plastic and metal (ouch.) Thank goodness they don't want to pluck me. (Have you seen some of the "tools" they use in surgery these days?)

I think it's time to change my insurance policy so I can check out of this place and check into the Greater Universal Scientific and Medical Research Foundation on Stratwinda, near the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. I hear they can treat you for just about anything.

August 1, 2008

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