Friday, October 31, 2008

Nocking for Treats

They’re going to come Nocking, Nocking tonight
those ghastly little ghoulies who beg Treats will arrive.

Not in the dead but the early of night
those minions of fear and fright will alight.

Ringing my bell, or Nock Nocking my door
they’ll wait in the porch light braving the glare.

Inside I’ll know they’ve come to my door
and I’ll put on my mask and get ready to roar.

Tonight I will scare them right back.

I’ll throw open the door
and with my terrible-est roar
“Who comes Nock Nocking at my door?”

Maybe I’ll scare them off.
But no, it hardly ever works.

So instead I will laugh and hand out my bowl,
my Halloween bowl filled with magical Treats.

“Take one or two!” I’ll say to those Tots
knowing full well they’re taking the Trick,
and leaving me with the Treat.

I’ll wave them goodbye and watch them depart
Those ghastly little ghoulies of Halloween night.

And when I’m alone back inside in the dark
I’ll think of those Tots who just think they got sweets.

Sure, they got candy, but with it much more
‘cause with it I gave them a sweet memory.

Then I’ll take off my mask and open my Treat
the Treat they gave me when I gave them my Trick.

Just what could that be, I hear as you ask.
It’s the sweet sweet memory of when I used to go

Nocking for Treats.

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Rhia Jean said...

I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should submit that to the Village Wit. It was really good. :)