Friday, November 21, 2008

Birds Walking South

On the way to school each day, we cross an intersection with a Whataburger on one side, and Braums Ice Cream/Dairy and Kroger grocery on the other side. In between, on the telephone wires lining the road, lives a very large flock of … birds.
Today, they were not on the wires. They were in the median, and so were easier to notice.

For weeks now, mention has been made every morning that since it’s getting cold out, it’s time for the birds to fly south.

Today, mention became question, “Why are those birds still here? Why haven’t they flown south?”

Everyone in the car, of course, answered immediately. Several blocks later, with the din quieting down and ears still ringing, I got them to talk about it.

It seems there is no reason why those birds haven’t flown south yet.

However, if they don’t hurry up and get going, it will get too cold and they won’t be able to fly. Then they’ll have to walk their way south along the telephone wires.

November 21, 2008

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