Wednesday, June 18, 2008

February 29: Planet-Date: 2008 and a leap year:

(Based on actual events.)

I’m so bored. I’m in so much pain, or simply unable to do things I used to do when I was still 100% human, and so, sadly, much of the time I can do no more than lie in bed and watch daytime TV. Ever been stuck with nothing but regular non-cable/satelliet Broadcast daytime TV to occupy your time with?

There’s nothing but Judge Judy courtroom dramas, the same old soap operas, the same old three news items announced over and over and over on the news programs, and … OMG … Jerry Springer and the Jerry-Springer-Spin-Off-Shows. Oh yeah, and there’s Oprah.

I think I’m losing my mind. Or maybe, I’m not. Maybe I’m just starting to think like an alien. (OMG)

January 29, 2008

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