Monday, September 8, 2008


(1. Why is it that ghosts can walk through doors and walls, yet they can't leave the building?

(2. Why do ghosts feed on fear? Is it because fear gives them nourishment/energy, or because it gives them popularity?

(3. If ghosts haunt places where, as people, they died a horrific death, then why aren't these places infested with them ... hospitals, freeways and highways, rivers/lakes/seas/oceans/swimming pools ... the spot where the Titanic sank ... Pompeii and Herculaneum ... the Colleseum in Rome ... etc.

(4. Can ghosts fall in love with other ghosts?

(5. Why is it that no one has ever reported seeing the ghosts of Cavemen?

(6. Ghosts always seem to be of people who are a few hundred years dead, or recently dead. Is there an age limit to being a ghost or do they expire after a few hundred years?

(7. If you were a ghost, would you answer when the ghost-hunter demanded, "Say something for me," or "Show yourself!," or "Step into the light!" Would you instead, perhaps, just be offended and feel compelled to hurl something across the room?

(8. Why is it that ghosts can only come out at night ... in the dark?

(9. Has anyone ever really heard a ghost say, "Boo?"

June 18, 2008

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