Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Story of Em

Em was born way back when, way back before the first dinosaur egg hatched. As she grew up, she travelled the lands, watched the dinosaurs come and go, and waited for the invention of cool things like the wheel, fire, television, computers, ink pens, and bubble-gum.

By the time she had grown, she knew she wanted to make the world a merrier place; so as soon as it was invented, she learned how to use the computer, a tool that would help her put her imagination to work.

She also knew she’d need a family unit, because who wants to watch TV alone? Then the day finally came when her mate had left home and her children had grown and she said to herself, “Yippee! I’m free!”

Then came the wind, blowing sparks from her fire, and suddenly her mind was ablaze! "I know!" she thought as she blew a bubble-gum bubble. "I'll become a writer!"

She grabbed that recently invented wheel, wrapped her imagination round it and proceeded to give it a spin. Out from its yoke came words of gold and swiftly she put them to pen … and knew right then that she had to make more.

So with another sping, and a great big grin, she started making the world oh-so merrier.

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Rhia Jean said...

There are not many things in life more joyous than bubble gum!!!